Finding the Perfect Summer Camp Just Got Easier

We all know the drill.

You come back from Christmas vacation and settle into your routine. School starts up again, homework and after school activities are back in swing, and suddenly – it’s spring break.

Then, it hits you: Summer break is just weeks away. What are you going to do with your kids all summer?! Panic. Time to start planning for summer camps. Panic again. They’re getting older, and that Princess camp they went to last year may not cut it this year. That means now you have to research new options – venture into Internet rabbit holes, pore over magazines, search for flyers, ask friends for their plans, etc. With so many choices available, the amount of information to sift through can be overwhelming – and really, who has the time?!

Good news! That dreaded annual process just got easier. Summer Camp Guru will revolutionize your planning process. 

Four Easy Steps to a Successful Summer, thanks to Summer Camp Guru:

  1. Use up to 10 search criteria to filter by activity, age, gender, cost, dates, pick-up times and location – all at the same time.
  2. View details for each session on screen, or download results for future reference.
  3. Once you know a camp meets your criteria, you can click to visit their website, learn more, and register.
  4. Save your favorite options to a list for each child, and share with your friends.


Scenario Before Summer Camp Guru After Summer Camp Guru
Your daughter insists on attending a Frozen camp. Commence an endless search through dozens of camp websites searching for a Frozen session. Type “Frozen” into the keyword search on SCG and see a list of Frozen camps.
Beach vacation fell through at the last minute. You now have a gaping hole in your summer schedule. Panic. Run a search on SCG for that week, and then check our list to see who had openings as of May.
You can’t leave work until 5:00, but ‘full day’ camps end at 4:00. Scour camp websites to find pick-up and drop-off times that work only to find that they charge an extra $100 for the privilege. Select the times that work for you, view appropriate camp sessions, and see what the total cost is without going any further.

I realize that some of you are thinking, “But what about that spreadsheet model that took years to perfect?” Never fear! You can download your search results to Excel and organize to your heart’s content. As a former financial analyst, this feature almost brings me to tears.

Others may be wondering, “What in the world are you talking about?” That means your children are still in preschool or day care, and you have not had the pleasure of experiencing this dreaded annual task. Lucky for you, with Summer Camp Guru, you may never have to. Just know there are plenty of preschool camps to explore, should yours not be open in the summer – simply search by age and location and see what sounds like fun for you and your kids. You can also check out this article on what to do the summer before kindergarten.

Plea for help: This is a collective effort! The site will be most useful if most camps are participating. In order for them to convince them to take the time to post and share their information, we must demonstrate that we need this resource. That means strong user statistics. Investing two minutes to sign up on the site could save you hours of research time next year. And tell your friends to do the same!

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