Hemp cigarettes – a dangerous fashionable product

One pack of hemp cigarettes contains 4 grams of hemp. The sale is legal, as the THC level of the hemp used remains below 1 percent. Hemp contains a high concentration of the active substance CBD. Contrary to THC, CBD does not cause arousal. A relaxing effect is instead attributed to this substance. The manufacturer of hemp cigarettes focuses on advertising the active substance and the effect it produces.

The hemp cigarette is also advertised by the manufacturer as an ‘alternative smoke of a natural product’. Yet it consists mostly of traditional tobacco. It does not differ from normal cigarettes except for the addition of a small dose of hemp. The Swiss Tobacco Prevention Association therefore expressly stresses that the consumption of hemp cigarettes is just as harmful as traditional cigarette smoking. The hemp cigarette is no less harmful alternative than the cigarette. It makes you addicted quickly just like other tobacco products.

Dangerous incentives

CBD hemp is increasingly establishing itself as a fashion product. After special hemp outlets have already been opened in many Swiss cities, its easy availability at the supermarket checkout or kiosk lowers the inhibition threshold for such consumption even further. These products can be particularly attractive to teenagers, given the aura of forbidden that surrounds hemp. Teens are particularly sensitive to advertising and underestimate the speed with which tobacco makes addicts. The Swiss Tobacco Prevention Association will continue to keep an eye on developments in hemp cigarettes.

One cigarette smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals. Hundreds of these are toxic and at least 70 are directly carcinogenic. Smokers and smokers die on average 10 years earlier than those who have never smoked. In Switzerland, 9,500 people die every year from the direct consequences of tobacco use.

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